Envision renews and expands its ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation

Envision Pharma Group has successfully renewed its certification to International Standard Organization (ISO)/IEC 27001.

Along with completing the ISO re-certification audits, new office locations have been included in addition – so the expanded coverage now comprises Hammersmith, Horsham, Marlow and Wilmslow in the UK; Glastonbury, Madison, Philadelphia, Southport and Stirling in the US; and Sydney in Australia.

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised information security standard that is certified by an independent certification body, and demonstrates a commitment to prospective and existing clients that their sensitive data is protected and in compliance with pertinent security and privacy regulatory requirements – such as Privacy Shield and GDPR.

Kevin Wheatley, Global Head, Facility and Operations at Envision, commented, “We are delighted to announce we have passed again with a completely clean sweep. This achievement demonstrates Envision’s commitment to information governance and the safeguarding of our clients’ data. A big thank you goes to everyone involved in the process.”

ISO develops standards that are accepted as pre-eminent in over 140 countries, including the USA, Australia, Japan and the UK. These standards facilitate international exchange of goods and services, support sustainable and equitable economic growth, promote innovation and protect health, safety and the environment.

By attaining this certification, Envision has demonstrated a clear commitment to Information Security Management to third-parties and stakeholders, facilitating a process and framework to ensure the fulfilment of commercial, contractual and legal responsibilities, and providing for a common security approach within the Envision business units and a formal basis for interoperability between Envision and its customers.

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