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Value & Access

Powerful combination of domain expertise and applied advanced analytics driven by artificial intelligence to demonstrate value and maximize patient access to new therapies. Our highly experienced competitive intelligence and behavioral science teams create a powerful differentiator for clients, complementing any value and access program.

HEOR/RWE strategy

Comprehensive situational analysis informs strategy development and tactical planning

Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) dives deep into each product to analyze its most compelling strategy and evidence for value in the market

Comprehensive analysis informs local submissions


Situational Analysis

Understand the current therapeutic landscape and unmet need; critically access external and internal drivers and barriers to reimbursement and market access; identify and prioritize data gaps


Strategy Development

Build strategy to address  data gaps and provide evidence to support differentiators in alignment with the brand plan and value platform



Develop tactics to support the broader organizational strategic imperatives while addressing the needs of external stakeholders

On-point evidence reviews

Systematic literature review

Rapid evidence assessment

Targeted literature review

Understanding and maximizing product value and opportunity

Value story

Bespoke online platform country-specific versions

Value decks

Streamlined and visual content to convey a concise narrative

HEOR publications

Unique blend of expertise spanning good publications practices, medical writing and HEOR

Global value dossier

Strategic content aligned with product value messages

AMCP dossier

Efficient development in adherence with 4.1 format

The value of your product underpins all of our value communications

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Market access
and pricing

With a focus on the entirety of payer strategy, we utilize collaboration, connections, and communication to develop pricing access plans.

Competitive intelligence

Integration of competitive monitoring provide actionable intelligence insights. We provide services to help understand each market throughout the lifespan of a product.

Market intelligence provides competitive insights in any pharma or biotech market
Services and solutions include:
Commercial benchmarking

Understand the competition's structure, sales force, messaging, and reimbursement information

Generic and biosimilar analysis

Late lifecycle support leverages experience in threat analysis regarding generics and biosimilars.

Competitive simulations

Customized creative and interactive strategic workshops utilize modern methodologies and deliver strong outputs.

In-licensing review

Complete analyses customized to your needs, examining anything from the competitive space to development data plan recommendations.

Competitive landscape and pipeline analysis

Comprehensive analysis of an indication's pipeline, competitors' compounds, and the evolving market landscape.

Market research

Custom qualitative research programs include full-service offerings and expert moderation.

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Behavioral science expertise

Our suite of behavioral science tools, including our proprietary Feel-Think-DoTM Insight model, allows us to identify behavioral insights and design strategic and implementation programmes that drive real behavior change - whether that be within patients, clinicians, payers, or other key stakeholders. 

Envision The Change

All healthcare decisions are influenced by human behavior. Our dedicated team of behavioral practitioners – Envision the Change – understand that to affect real change, the intricacies and realities of everyday life and health need to be considered.  

By harnessing the power of behavioral science, we can address a wide array of medical and healthcare communication challenges to improve health outcomes. While there are multiple evidence-based models for changing behavior, intrinsic to all is an understanding that behaviors are driven not only by rational thoughts, but also by emotional triggers and environmental cues. Lasting change only occurs when all three elements are engaged. Our flagship, proprietary Feel-Think-DoTM Insight model allows us to identify behavioral insights which we use to develop strategy and implementation plans that drive meaningful change. In addition to our insight model, we have also developed a suite of behavioral science–led solutions that provide support across all aspects of medical affairs and marketing, from planning to creative implementation, for both external and internal audiences. 

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