Writing Excellence accolade for Envision and Ectodermal Dysplasia Society at Communiqué Awards

Envision Pharma Group and the Ectodermal Dysplasia (ED) Society have won the award for “Writing Excellence” at the Communiqué Awards in London’s Park Lane.

The accreditation programme was designed to recognise and commend excellence and best practice in European, international and local healthcare communications – and has praised Envision’s collaboration with the charity, which resulted in a patient information book aimed at children to raise awareness and support around the rare genetic disorder.

“Everybody’s different: An introduction to Ectodermal Dysplasia” was designed for children aged 4+, with and without ED, and allows parents and schools to explain the condition in child-friendly terms. It facilitates empathy and gives children the ideas and motivation to then help their peers.

Speaking at the event was Diana Perry, who is the chief executive of the ED Society, “We are thrilled to have won the Writing Excellence award at the Communiqué Awards tonight in London for our book ‘Everybody’s Different’. We are forever grateful to Envision Pharma Group who helped us to develop the book.”

David Thompson who is the Chief Commercial Officer at Envision, added, “It was a wonderful achievement for the team to be recognised for writing excellence at the industry’s Communiqué awards. To partner with the ED Society and have Diana Perry present to pick up the award was a privilege for us all.

“Most importantly, we maintain real belief and hope that the ‘Everybody’s different’ book aimed at children, can continue to make a real difference for this rare disease patient community.”

Click here for a video and summary from the event hosts, and to see what the judges had to say. To access a copy of the patient information material, click here, and for more information regarding Envision's patient work follow this link.