This year’s insightful Round Table helps identify 8 key trends that could influence the Medical Affairs industry

Every year, Envision Pharma Group holds a Medical Affairs (MA) Round Table meeting to bring together industry leaders and discuss current topics within MA. This year, approximately 15 attendees met in New York City to discuss industry best practices, understand common challenges that often arise – and have the opportunity to network with other industry leaders. The annual meeting helps to focus on, and discuss, important and valuable topics within our industry together. Past topics have included:

Past topic have included:

  • Global Alignment in Medical Affairs
  • Patient Engagement: Real-World Evidence
  • Insights Identification
  • Automation & Organizational Efficiencies
  • Medical Affairs Metrics
  • Thought-Leader Engagement
  • Demonstrating the Value of Medical Affairs
  • Maximizing Data Roll-Out

The outcomes from this year’s annual round table helped further Envision’s perspective surrounding the current landscape of our industry, and up and coming trends. Along with general industry research, stakeholder interviews, as well as the conversations had with this year’s attendees, the Envision team put together the Medical Affairs 5-year Landscape Analysis. This focuses on the major trends influencing MA and identifies the key findings. Additionally, the team was able to detect some of the major impacts each trend will have upon the industry, based on the information obtained from the research and stakeholder interviews. 

Click here for a look at our interactive Landscape Analysis infographic inclusive of the 8 trends and the potential influence they could have on the Medical Affairs industry.

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