Envision Senior Writer Martin Bell provides career insight to help others navigate their way in medcomms

Envision employees have helped shape a valuable medcomms publication for future specialists called ‘Evidence generation and communication: a guide to getting started in HEOR/market access medical writing’.

This second annual edition of the guide focuses on medical writing roles in the HEOR/market access arenas, and is of interest to anyone who wants to understand more about the business of ensuring access to new medicines and devices for patients.

Martin Bell who is a Senior Writer in Envision’s Curo division, shares his specialist market access/HEOR experience and provides an extensive personal profile on his background and career interests.

“I would say the beauty of my role is that it enables me to work on several therapy areas without becoming too entrenched in any one. The subject matter and project types change from day-to-day. I enjoy the ‘eureka’ satisfaction of persevering with a difficult data set until it finally makes sense!”

Martin adds, “Whether comparing the cost-benefit of treatments or assessing the real-world impact of clinical practices, one must consider the ‘big picture’ and how these factors fit together to best provide evidence for the societal value of a treatment.”

Karen Smoyer who is a Senior Strategy Lead at Envision, also provides insight for the industry publication. “I work in HEOR/market access writing to communicate how treatments developed in clinical trials are used and how well they work among patients in the real world.”

To access the guide from FirstMedCommsJob.com’s website, click here.