Envision Pharma’s commitment
to Patient Partnerships

Building upon established foundations of patient-focused strategy and advocacy, Envision Pharma Group, the world’s leading medical communications and technology company, is delighted to announce that Professor Karen Woolley has been appointed Global Lead, Patient Partnerships.

With this new role, Envision is embracing the transformational change that patients expect in their relationship with industry. Empowered through strong networks and an active engagement with medical publications, patient advocates and organisations are looking to become involved in decisions throughout the product lifecycle.

Envision recognises that decision makers, including regulators, payers, healthcare professionals and industry clients, increasingly see the value of patients as partners. Patients have unique and valuable insights to share. In light of this evolving relationship between patients and industry, Envision is prioritising patient involvement. The creation of this senior and global role reflects Envision's commitment to both patients and clients.

Karen has a long-term interest in patients as partners in healthcare. As a thought-leader, she has conducted, presented, and published research on patient involvement in medical research and has helped Envision to establish trusted partnerships with leading patient advocates around the world. Karen brings unique insights into this role having been a government-appointed director of five hospitals. Karen served on the Patient Safety and Quality Committee for 4 years and saw the value gained from having patient advisory boards and leveraging technology to gain patient-reported insights. She has championed the need for our profession and our organisation to embrace Patient Partnerships and we look forward to seeing what her passion and energy brings to this new, Envision-wide, service offering.

Karen notes, “I am honored to be working with a talented and global team at Envision to help our clients and patient partners work together, ethically and meaningfully. Patient involvement is transforming our industry and empowering the patient voice is a responsibility that both excites and unites our services and technology team members.” Karen will continue to support ProScribe globally and will mentor the new General Manager for Envision in Japan. Karen highlighted that, “ProScribe continues to grow successfully and globally as part of the Envision Pharma Group. We have great talent in ProScribe in the US, EU, and Asia-Pacific region that has been, and will continue to be, nurtured as part of Envision’s strategic succession planning.”

After learning about Karen’s new role and Envision’s ongoing commitment to Patient Partnerships, Richard Stephens, Joint Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Research Involvement and Engagement and Chair of the NCRI Consumer Forum made the following comment “I am very pleased to see a major medical communication agency like Envision invest a dedicated resource in patient involvement. Communication agencies can play a key role in building and publishing an evidence base to guide best practice for patient involvement in industry's work.”

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