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Envision Pharma Group expands reach in the Asia-Pacific region

Envision Pharma Group, engaged by 18 of the top 20 pharma companies to support their Medical Affairs teams and to provide industry-leading software, has made a significant new investment

To augment the acquisition of ProScribe made earlier in the year, Envision has established a new office in a prime location in Sydney, Australia. Commenting on the investment, Brian Hepburn, CEO said, “We are delighted to have made this strategic investment in the area, increasing our service capabilities with a new office in close proximity to a number of our key clients”. 

Envision Pharma Group has employees in multiple offices in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region. On Envision’s continued expansion, Brian noted that “With a strong history of unique and innovative publication and technology capabilities and our recent evolution into additional medical communications solutions, Envision Pharma Group is busier than ever. All our offices are growing as we continue to strengthen our support to more than 60 life sciences companies”.

Envision Pharma Group is seeing the growth in publication and overall medical communication programs matched by an increase in technology solutions, which now have over 120,000 individual users. Hepburn explained that, “the Group will continue to look to expand further, with other global offices likely to be established during the next 18 months”. Located in the Macquarie Park area of Northern Sydney, the office is approximately 12 km from Sydney’s central business district.  Dr Mark Woolley, who heads up the new location said, “This presence further cements our Asia-Pacific capabilities and establishes us in a well recognised location within the region, with close proximity to a number of our key clients”.

ProScribe – Envision Pharma Group is located at:
Suite 1.01
Talavera Business Park
Level 1, 6‒10 Talavera Rd
Macquarie Park, NSW 2113
Tel: + 61 2 8058 4350
Fax: +61 2 8058 4352
For further information, please email either:
Alex Torre-Tasso:
Karen Woolley: