Envision Pharma Group Collaborates With the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) to Launch Medical Affairs Strategic Planning Guide and Template

Each year, Medical Affairs (MA) teams demonstrate leadership and value through the annual strategic planning process that aligns all multifunctional MA competencies on common objectives. These objectives support the product and organization, and depend on a focused and cohesive medical strategy. A product or organization’s strategy is the foundation for the year ahead and will serve as guidance for overcoming challenges, taking advantages of opportunities, and filling any scientific or clinical gaps. 


Envision team members, Joe Kohles and Leah Williams, were afforded the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading MA professionals, to create the first in a series of standards and guidance documents for MAPS focused on strategic MA planning for a product, the Medical Affairs Strategic Planning Guide and Template. Included in the template and guide are guidance and recommendations on key components of developing a medical plan – including the situational analysis, medical strategy, tactical/operational planning, and medical plan summary. 


To access the Medical Affairs Strategic Planning Guide and Template, please visit the MAPS website via this link.