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Envision Pharma Group announces the availability of Scopus citation counts in Datavision

Envision Pharma Group (‘Envision’), a leading Medical Affairs-focused scientific communications and technology solutions provider, is pleased to announce that Datavision − the industry-leading software solution for strategic publication planning – will now feature citation counts provided by Scopus

Datavision® facilitates the compliant and transparent management of publication planning and delivery; the automated capture of various internal metrics (eg, time to submission, review times, approval times) allows the identification of inefficiencies and the optimization of the publication development process. 

However, assessment of the ‘effectiveness’ or ‘impact’ of a publication often relies on the use of external metrics; a traditional measure of impact of a publication is the volume of citations in peer-reviewed literature. Envision has partnered with Scopus, a trusted provider of citation data, to ensure that Datavision records do not end at publication and that citation counts can be available for all publications tracked within the system. 

Citation counts will be available to all Datavision users, with full details of the citing articles available via click-through to the Scopus system (available using an active Scopus subscription).

Russell Traynor, Envision’s Platform Director for iEnvision and former chair of the International Society of Medical Publication Professionals noted: “Citation metrics provide an invaluable benchmark for assessing the value and rigor of a piece of research. We are excited to be partnering with Scopus, as a leading provider of citation data, to bring this benchmarking ability to our global community of Datavision users.” 

Russell added: “We are excited by this collaboration and hope that the addition of citations as an external measure of ‘impact’ will allow better assessment and optimization of the effectiveness of publication programs.”

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About Envision

Founded in 2001, Envision Pharma Group is a global, innovative technology and scientific communications company serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies.

Envision is a leading provider of evidence communication services and industry-leading, technology solutions that have applicability across areas of Medical Affairs responsibility.

Under consistent leadership, Envision has grown steadily across its three core business areas in support of Medical Affairs:

Evidence Communication—including strategic publication planning, data dissemination services, medical education, and Market Access communications; 

Technology Solutions—design, development, implementation, and support of innovative and strategic management software, purpose-built for life-science clients, including: publication planning and management (Datavision), clearance and approval (Clear®), activity request and evidence generation management (Visiontracker®), workflow management for Health Economics and Outcomes Research activities (Visiontracker HEOR™), workflow management for Early Access Program activities (Visiontracker EAP™), searchable repository for the appropriate sharing of scientific content (Library™), and a next-generation solution for managing medical information enquiries (Medinfo™); and

Operational Excellence—policy, process, and compliance support and consultancy for Medical Affairs.

Envision has twelve offices: four in the United Kingdom – Horsham, Wilmslow, Marlow, and London; six in the United States – Philadelphia, PA, Southport, CT, Madison, NJ, Stirling, NJ, Glastonbury, CT, and New York, NY; and two in the Asia-Pacific region – Tokyo and Sydney. The company employs 550 team members, including more than 200 highly qualified and experienced in-house medical writers and more than 100 technology solutions team members who provide software development and customer support. Envision provides services and technology solutions to more than 75 companies, including 19 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. 

About Scopus

Launched in 2004 by Elsevier, Scopus is used by thousands of academic, government and corporate organizations to detect trends, find partnerships and identify experts to stay on the cutting edge of research. Combining the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature with smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research, Scopus is the tool to use if you need to keep track of global science. 

Subscription pricing for Scopus varies according to the size of your organization. For more information about Scopus and subscription options, visit