Press Release

Envision Adds iEnvision Datavision for Medical Publication Management to Suite of Medical Affairs Solutions

Envision Pharma Group is pleased to announce the addition of iEnvision Datavision® to the suite of medical affairs support solutions available on the iEnvisionTM platform.

Datavision was originally launched 15 years ago, and has become the industry standard system for global publication management, in use by 19 of the current top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

iEnvision Datavision builds on this industry-wide experience as the new publication management system of choice, with both updated functionality and the wider benefits of the iEnvision platform.

iEnvision Datavision supports industry standards in guideline-compliant medical publication plan management, with functionality supporting enhanced planning, publication development and plan monitoring tasks – improving both strategic alignment and publication management efficiency.

iEnvision Datavision includes industry standard workflows for various publication types, which are adjustable to align with company SOPs. Other iEnvision Datavision features include the most comprehensive peer-reviewed journal and medical congress database available in the industry, together with a new built-in debarment-checking tool.

Envision Technology Solutions’ Platform Lead Russell Traynor said, “iEnvision Datavision, builds on our years of experience with Datavision and medical publications, and is designed to support GPP3 and ICMJE compliant publication planning and development.”

Like other iEnvision solutions, iEnvision Datavision is entirely web-delivered and cloud-based – requiring no installation – and allows platform-level connectivity with both other iEnvision medical affairs solutions and third party systems. The user-friendly and consistent iEnvision user interface includes in-system document editing, reviews and approvals for in-development publications – and presents information from Altmetric and Scopus for published materials.

iEnvision Datavision joins the other available iEnvision solutions supporting content management, internal and externally sponsored research projects, medical education grants, corporate grant making and medical information provision – in a fully connected suite of solutions supporting medical affairs and allied functions.