Press Release

Academic Research Coalition (ARC), a new company that focuses on medical research and young investigators

Young investigators, defined as physicians in fellowship training or junior faculty positions, are at a critical stage in their academic development and benefit from advice from leading researchers in their therapeutic specialty area

ARC’s focus is on young investigators and programs that will assist these investigators in achieving success in their academic research career. The “Young Investigators’ Forum” (YIF) is ARC’s flagship program. YIF programs are non-commercial scientific research forums directed at young investigators with a goal of stimulating development of careers in academic research, a crucial area for improving patient management and outcomes.

Young investigators submit an abstract of their research based on specified criteria to a panel of expert faculty in a specific therapeutic area who then evaluate the research. The authors of the top research are selected to attend the YIF, where they present their research in full and the same expert faculty comment, question, give feedback and make suggestions to the young investigators on the research presented. The top presenters are awarded a grant to be used for their research. In addition, expert faculty provide career advice and experience-based presentations on selecting a mentor, acquiring grants, publishing research, achieving balance between work and family, and related topics. The support for all researchers and faculty to attend the YIF is provided through educational grants. Programs can be accredited for continuing medical education through Joint Providership Policies and Agreements with our educational partners. All accredited YIF activities are planned and implemented in accordance with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME®) Essential Areas and policies as well as current reporting requirements.

Of note, many of the young investigators who are now recognized leaders in academic research positions have credited their career success in part to this learning experience.

For more information on ARC, please contact:

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