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iEnvision – The global medical affairs platform for efficiency, compliance, and impact
across the pharmaceutical product life cycle – purpose-built to plan and manage
evidence generation, grant programs, and communication activities.

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About iEnvision

iEnvision is a web-based platform that is continually updated as our solutions evolve — the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) structure supports rapid deployment and enterprise-level scalability. No installation or packaging by an IT department is required.

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  • All iEnvision platform configuration, quality assurance, and customer support is provided by our dedicated internal team
  • Users access one URL and user interface
  • Each solution on the iEnvision platform is preconfigured with baseline workflows supporting industry best practices
  • iEnvision APIs provide ease of integration to support features such as SSO, eSignature, citation retrieval
  • Multiple language support

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Introducing iEnvision® 2.10

Improved features and functionality at your fingertips
Now with doDOC Collaborative Review Suite

The most trusted medical affairs platform has
integrated with the most reliable scientific
document review suite to improve functionality,
documentation, and collaboration

iEnvision 2.10
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Built around three core workflows – planning, implementation and reporting – Datavision is the industry-standard for global publication planning and management – compliant, transparent, enterprise-wide.

Investigator Sponsored Research image

Investigator Sponsored Research

The solution for the management of research requests or evidence generation programs. iEnvision ISR improves interaction with external investigators, and ensures efficient and compliant reviews and communications.

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Medical Education Requests

Efficient, effective, and compliant management and reconciliation of requests for medical education grants.


Datavision will help you manage scientific publication programs more strategically and with improved tactical efficiency.

User-friendly and intuitive, Datavision can easily be used for a single publication plan or across the entire enterprise. Providing complete management and reporting tools including: configurable workflow templates, reviewer portal, on-demand reporting capabilities, charting facilities, and an industry-leading database of congress and journal information.

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Investigator Sponsored Research

The industry standard solution for efficient and compliant investigator sponsored research project management, enabling strategic alignment of the project, and optimal external collaboration.

The easy-to-use investigator web portal improves interaction, promoting effective external collaborations. Internally, the cohesive workflows, review functionality and reporting capabilities enable compliant review and communication, and allows teams to track and monitor active studies through to publication and completion.

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Medical Education Requests

iEnvision ME allows you to efficiently manage supported professional development for healthcare professionals.

Access and support the most effective programs that align with company objectives and clinical needs. Gain consistency and alignment in decision-making across your global teams. Monitor active plans and providers, ensuring everything is completed on time and reconciled.

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The automatic processing of clearance and disclosure requests through iEnvision can significantly reduce administrative burden and ensures compliance.

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Internally Sponsored Projects

As you need to generate new evidence, whether it’s RWE/HEOR, Phase IV, or local/affiliate studies, iEnvision can support global transparency and efficient and effective communication and expansion of these programs.

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iEnvision Library

Complete and convenient enterprise-wide sharing of scientific content with appropriate access control and built-in Altmetrics and citation counts.

Clearance and approvals

iEnvision can help maintain consistency in approach across multiple business areas including publications, scientific materials, corporate communications, media releases, and other operational approvals.

iEnvision manages every stage of the process. Rules-based workflows ensure the appropriate people are involved and informed at the right times. Clear provides for efficient submission and routing of requests for clearance processing, documents the outcome of decisions, and provides a consistent approach to approvals across document types. Clear’s Zero training requirements and intuitive process and interface improves efficiency and turnaround times.

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Internal Sponsored Projects (e.g. HEOR, RWE, Phase IV)

The value propositions of your products require global coordination of robust evidence to demonstrate benefit for both payers and patients.

As such, life science companies need to strategically identify and align with market requirements in the development and dissemination of economic and outcomes evidence.

iEnvision provides a platform to manage your evidence-generation activities, enabling global transparency of the activities, which will reduce redundancy, and allow for the efficient and compliant communication of outcomes for each strategic asset

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Internal Sponsored Projects (e.g. HEOR, RWE, Phase IV) image

iEnvision Library

The iEnvision Library serves as a repository of scientific material providing consistent and easy sharing of material across the enterprise, ensuring teams are access the most current scientific materials.

Featuring an effective searching paradigm to make finding the correct information intuitive, efficient, and reliable. Library provides a focused knowledgebase of Medical Affairs approved for use content, that is integrated with ETS solutions to reduce administrative responsibilities. Library includes Scopus citation counts and can incorporate data.

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Scientific Communication Platform Module image

Scientific Communication Platform Module

iEnvision Scientific Communication Platform is a central repository where all Scientific Communication Platforms are housed, with dynamic updating, referencing and use, linked to ongoing tactical projects within iEnvision solutions.

Corporate Funding Grants image

Corporate Funding Grants

iEnvision Corporate Funding allows for the compliant and efficient management of grant requests through reconciliation.

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Improve global transparency of your Expanded or Managed Access Program by allowing treating physicians to easily submit requests whereby a company can efficiently manage, review, and collaborate with the physician to treat a life-threatening condition.

iEnvision SCP Module

The SCP module links scientific statements and data references to publication and communication tactics.

iEnvision SCP provides a core electronic repository where are all product-specific scientific platforms are kept in a consistent manner. Scientific Platforms housed within iEnvision become ‘Live’ and can be updated, referenced, and used more dynamically to inform strategic or operational priorities.

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iEnvision Corporate Funding Grants

The iEnvision Corporate Funding Solution provides transparency on the amount of funding that is provided to an organization.

Gain consistency and alignment in decision-making across global teams. Monitor activity within a disease state as well as across all types of grants and requesting organizations ensuring compliance and efficient review of all requests.

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iEnvision EAP

The iEnvision EAP provides a solution that allows a company to manage an Expanded Access or Managed Access Programs in a compliant and efficient manner.

Have the ability to capture all eligibility criteria for the treating physician, product, and protocol upon request so that decision making can made quickly and compliantly and a patient with a life-threatening condition receives treatment as quickly as possible.

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iEnvision Managed Services
Envision Pharma Group has created an offering to provide a cost-effective approach of bundled business process services and iEnvision® technology to support the unique needs of the emerging and small life sciences customer.
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The Operational Excellence team have extensive experience across medical communications and medical affairs operations. They work closely with iEnvision’s teams to develop and implement customized strategies for integration of new processes/technology, adoption planning, and change management
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Policy, process, and compliance

Our medical affairs experts
understand what it takes to ensure
successful development and
implementation of governance and
processes. We can support you in:

  • Operational policy evaluation
    and development
  • Implementation of industry
    best practices
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Adoption planning
and change management

Our experienced team will design
a communication program providing
alignment on impending changes,
promoting benefits of the solution, and
ensuring adoption across stakeholders.

  • Program adoption
  • Communication and training
  • Evaluation and optimization

Business data and
technology management

Stretched for resources or time?
Our dedicated, skilled administrators
help you realize the most from your
technology tools by keeping accurate,
up-to-date records for you.

  • Medical affairs technology coordination
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Data analysis and metrics

Support - here to help

Since 2001, Envision has built an industry-
wide reputation for excellence in delivering
technology solutions. Currently, we partner
with more than 80 clients worldwide.

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Technical team

Our dedicated in-house team have years of experience in the design, development, and implementation of software solutions, and are well placed to provide answers regarding:

  • Platform and custom configurations
  • Quality control
  • Validation
  • Hosting
  • System integrations and APIs

Customer care team

Our Client Engagement team will help you get the most out of your solutions every day, providing:

  • A dedicated point of contact
  • Access to business experts for your programs of interest
  • Guidance throughout iEnvision implementation
  • Multiple training options for your team and third-party suppliers
  • Hotline support for technical and training questions
  • Ongoing support during maintenance and upgrades

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