Innovative purpose-built software and support for Medical Affairs

Envision Technology Solutions software is used throughout the pharmaceutical product lifecycle

Our Solutions go beyond just
providing software

We ensure that we fully understand your business needs, how best to engage with your teams and partners, help solve your problems and improve your performance, and work closely with you to define and address your future challenges

Introducing iEnvision... your world connected

iEnvision is the new advanced platform for business transformation, operational excellence, and connectivity across the pharmaceutical product lifecycle – purpose-built to help plan and manage evidence generation, communication, and grants programs

Platform for business transformation, operational excellence, consistency, transparency, and scalability

Supports planning,
decision-making, and project management

Improves strategic alignment, compliance, and efficiency

More effective evidence generation, communication,
and external support activities

Our experience

With over 15 years of relevant experience we have built an industry-wide reputation for excellence in delivery, and currently work with more than 80 clients globally

In 2002 Envision launched Datavision – now the industry standard for global publication planning
and management, used by 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies

In 2006, we introduced Visiontracker to provide support with multiple request
and evidence-generation programs

Clear was introduced for disclosure management in 2012, further expanding our software suite


Envision Customer Support

Our team of Customer Care and Technical Support staff will help you get the most out of our Solutions

Our Customer Care team

Help you integrate new Solutions and smoothly manage any change that comes with that, providing:

  • A dedicated contact point
  • Access to experienced business experts for your programs
    of interest
  • Guidance and advice as you implement your new system
  • Training for your team and third-party suppliers in person, in print, and via video
  • Hotline support for technical and training questions
  • Annual reviews to help manage adoption, updates,
    and adjustments
  • Ongoing software upgrades and maintenance support

Our Technical team

Help you get the most out of our solutions on a day-to-day basis.
They have years of experience in designing, developing,
and implementing software solutions, and are well placed to answer your questions around:

  • Software configuration
  • Quality control
  • Validation
  • Hosting
  • System integrations and APIs

Our Operational Excellence consultants can provide further support
on policy and compliance, adoption planning and implementation,
and data management

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iEnvision solutions