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Strategic Consulting: Medical strategy & operations

Envision Pharma’s Strategic Consulting group partners through the critical stages of development, launch planning, launch, and product acceleration to create value. Powered by technology, our team of experts develop solutions that meaningfully improve strategies, tactics, operational effectiveness, and outcomes.

Medical strategy & operations

Our adept medical strategy team is committed to collaborating with our clients to devise, execute, and implement customized medical strategies that address specific healthcare needs, challenges, and market dynamic      

Medical Strategy & Operations


We support healthcare organizations to achieve smarter and faster commercial outcomes through our medical strategy consultative services. With deep-rooted therapeutic area expertise, we can guide you through your entire product journey and develop tailored solutions capable of meeting any challenge.

A smarter partner

Using the latest technology, we develop innovative medical strategies and empower our clients to make data-driven decisions, driving positive strategic impact and improving patient outcomes.

Our services

We take great pride in delivering exceptional medical capabilities that cover a wide range of areas crucial for healthcare advancement. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses:

Medical strategy and planning

We have a robust approach to developing medical strategy from early development through to launch and inline products. Grounded in an extensive landscape analysis, our consultants help align our clients on the key medical objectives and cross-functional tactical plans that drive effective product launches.

Medical insight strategy and process

Our medical team is central to generating insights, understanding the impact, and developing appropriate actions to effectively support safe and efficacious use of products. Harnessing the power of our revolutionary AI platform made specifically for medical, we collaborate to develop appropriate strategies, processes, and interpretive medical capabilities to recognize the value taken from stakeholder interactions.

Evidence Generation Strategy

This cross-functional initiative requires bringing clinical and commercial expertise together collaboratively and systematically to develop robust evidence-generation strategies and tactical plans.

Key aspects include:

  • Developing a holistic overview of current and planned datasets for a development program
  • Thoroughly understanding the broader clinical landscape, including unmet needs, through technology and AI support
  • Creating a prioritized summary of anticipated evidence requirements by stakeholder group, followed by a thorough
gap analysis
  • Conceptualizing strategies to address identified gaps, including RWE, investigator initiated studies, HEOR, literature reviews, and sponsored studies
Operational Support

Our strategic consulting team often partners with small to mid-sized medical affairs organizations to provide robust operational support, including medical plan tracking and management, internal communications, town halls, process management operations support, budget management, congress management, and much more.

Medical transformation suite – capability and process optimization

As organizations progress from emerging or small to mid-sized manufacturers, there are often growing pains that require capabilities and processes to evolve. Our operational-focused consultants help define the desired future state, clarify roles, responsibilities, and processes, as well as develop comprehensive process playbooks, clear communications, and effective training programs to facilitate smooth implementation.

Organizational transformation

As pipelines grow and evolve, organizations are often faced with the need to transform. Our extensive approach leverages diagnostic assessment and benchmarking, future state definition, and operating model design and resource planning. This is partnered with robust change management considerations and communications to enable the organization to move forward and thrive.

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