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Strategic Consulting: Advocacy and communications

Envision Pharma’s Strategic Consulting group partners through the critical stages of development, launch planning, launch, and product acceleration to create value. Powered by technology, our team of experts develop solutions that meaningfully improve strategies, tactics, operational effectiveness, and outcomes.

Advocacy and communications

Advocacy communications are the key to influencing perceptions, driving better health outcomes and shaping healthcare decisions. With a strategic approach, we elevate your message, engage stakeholders, and empower your brand.

Advocacy and communications


We understand the power of effective advocacy and communications in shaping perceptions, influencing decisions and ultimately driving better health outcomes. We support you in crafting tailored strategies that enhance stakeholder engagement, shape decisions, and achieve your goals.

Where advice meets action

We don’t just tell you how to solve your problems — we roll up our sleeves and help you solve them ourselves. Explore our valuable insights and expert knowledge below. 

Advocacy landscape mapping

We excel in mapping and identifying key stakeholders, influencers, and key decision-makers. Leveraging advanced AI-driven analytics, we provide clients with valuable insights into advocacy networks, policy dynamics, and emerging trends.

Patient insight generation

Uncover underlying patient motivations and challenges to inform the development of patient-centric strategies through 
a combination of qualitative research, quantitative analysis, facilitated advisory boards, and AI-driven sentiment analysis.

Advocacy strategy and community engagement

From outreach to high-level policy advocacy, we enable you to build strong partnerships that mobilize stakeholders, amplify influential voices, and drive change. Our training programs upskill your patient advocacy team to increase their effectiveness and enhance their capabilities.

Disease awareness and education

We design and implement disease awareness and education campaigns that resonate with our audiences to engage and empower patients.

Corporate and product communications

We enable you to differentiate your business and products through impactful communications that engage your audiences. We also partner with executives to deliver insightful thought leadership programs that elevate their profile and position your company at the forefront of its field.

What's your problem?

We hold unique expertise that can tackle your biggest challenge, anticipate the next challenge, and build bespoke solutions.