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Our services evolve to align with medical affairs’ ever-expanding remit.
Our clients value our powerful industry and behavioral insights, patient
partnerships, and global delivery experience.

We have the credentials to partner with you to define the future of your product.

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Medical strategy

Delivering highly effective medical strategies that are grounded in deep insights and driven to improving patient outcomes everywhere.

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Patient engagement

Envision the Patient can partner with you to deliver patient-focused projects that will enhance your medical plan and scientific communications.

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Publication planning & delivery

With Envision you have access to a team of publications strategists, who ensure your data are published in an efficient, compliant and impactful manner.

Medical strategy

With Envision as your strategic partner, you can be confident in insight-driven tactical recommendations that are innovative and tailored to audience needs.

Our medical strategists translate insights into robust medical strategies partnering with in-house writers who bring therapeutic area expertise, behavioral scientists who uncover the audience insights that will impact change, whilst our Envision the Patient team ensures patients have a substantive voice, every step of the way.

Patient engagement

Patients can and should be involved in all stages of the medicine development life cycle.

From understanding unmet needs through to the development of plain language content, meaningful patient involvement adds value to any medical plan. Building on best practices, we use our expertise in patient engagement to successfully collaborate with patients and patient organizations. Find out more about how we can support you in your patient engagement activities with our dedicated team at Envision the Patientwww.envisionthepatient.com.

Publication planning & delivery

We have over 15 years’ experience developing and delivering strategic publication plans covering all audiences, therapeutic areas, publication types, and stages of drug development; be it a stand-alone publication plan or as part of a wider medical communications plan, we can extend your data to the furthest corners of the scientific community. Allowing health care providers, payers, and the public access to information and scientific exchange that drives critical decision-making.

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Medical communications

We can help you to plan, manage, and put in place a thorough medical communications strategy that will help support your goals.

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Market access

Our experienced HEOR writers turn complex information into compelling communications that add value for disease specialists, payers, providers, and patient groups.

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Creative, PR, digital, and omnichannel

We produce multi-award-winning work. Our stunning and engaging communications programs stimulate and connect with your audiences – whoever and wherever they are.

Medical communications

We cover every angle of medical communications from thought leader engagement to scientific meetings, from MSL training to therapeutic area intelligence and always ensure activities are fully aligned with your plans and the goals of the organization.

Whether it is from development of a full strategic communication plan to the agile, brilliant execution of an existing communications plan, we’ll ensure your communication tactics are engaging, educating, and importantly, impactful.

Market access

We offer clients a full-service seamless experience.

Our HEOR and Value strategists bring decades of diverse therapeutic expertise to help turn complex information into compelling content. Our industry-leading capabilities in literature evaluation, data extraction, and meta-analysis informs economic modeling, peer-reviewed publications, value dossier creation, and HTA submissions. Trust us to show the need for your product and its unique differentiation in payer terms.

Creative, PR, digital, and omnichannel

Our talented PR professionals, behavioral science experts, creative designers, digital leads, and omnichannel experts generate impactful, engaging communications programs for physicians, payers, and patients.

With evidence as our starting point, we create showstopping presentations and scientific content, with powerful storylines that communicate and inspire audiences, leveraging the latest digital solutions to increase interaction, aid learning, and track impact.

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Regulatory writing

Trust your regulatory writing to writers trusted by regulators.

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Insights and intelligence

Providing the industry’s most accurate business intelligence and market insight.

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Behavioral science

At Envision the Change, our dedicated team of behavioral scientists use our innovative proprietary Feel-Think-Do™ suite of tools to address your medical communication and healthcare challenges.

Regulatory writing

Our specialist regulatory writers have decades of global experience delivering documents throughout the product life cycle that meet the evolving requirements from regulators and industry.

Envision’s regulatory writers use innovative global work practices, as well as their local knowledge and language skills, including helping clients prepare simultaneous submissions for the FDA and PMDA – quickly and cost-effectively.

Insights and Intelligence

With 30+ years of excellence in development drug consulting for the healthcare industry, our team provides strategy and business insights to global pharma and biotech companies seeking market landscape and competitive intelligence understanding.

Our methodology involves the use of primary research to gain actionable insights which our clients can use in their decision-making process. We tailor our projects to fit client needs and bring extensive experience and expertise.

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Behavioral science

All healthcare decisions are influenced by human behavior.

By taking into account the science behind human behavior, our proprietary Feel-Think-DoTM model helps to decode why people make the decisions they do. From strategic and tactical planning, to aiding information recall through data visualization and adult learning techniques, we provide counsel and support to drive behavior change that ultimately improves health outcomes. Email Mark Lakeram at mark.lakeram@envisionpharma.com to learn more about how Envision the Change can harness the power of behavioral science to support you and your teams.

Why Envision?

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Unmatched support and continuity of knowledge: Envision’s highly qualified medical writers have decades of experience
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Compliance and ethical delivery: We stay up-to-date with global regulations to provide you with scientifically accurate publications
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Our omnichannel reach: Our in-house team of omnichannel, creative, and digital experts provide you with thorough support whatever your needs are
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Accurate and consistent: We integrate all our solutions, plans, and activities with our detailed communications planning