Envision Pharma Group expands capabilities with specialist behavioral science offering Envision the Change

Leading global technology-enabled scientific communications company Envision Pharma Group has launched a suite of behavioral science-led solutions to expand the group’s capabilities and optimize value offering to its clients.

Envision the Change is spearheaded by Mark Lakeram (Global Lead, Behavioral Science) and supported by Directors Jenny Squibbs (in the UK) and Justine Swann (in the US). As a dedicated team of behavioral scientists, they understand that to affect real change the intricacies and realities of everyday life and health need to be considered.

Lakeram said, “All healthcare decisions are influenced by human behavior. By taking into account the science behind this, our proprietary Feel-Think-DoTM model helps to decode why people make the decisions they do. From strategic and tactical planning, to aiding information recall through data visualization and adult learning techniques – we provide counsel and support to drive behavior change that ultimately improves health outcomes.”

Susanne Clark, Head of Envision Scientific Solutions, added, “No matter what product challenges are ahead, understanding the behavior of key stakeholders will be paramount. I’m delighted that we’ve strengthened our service offering with Envision the Change in order to support our clients across all aspects of medical affairs and marketing, from planning to creative implementation for both external and internal audiences.”

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