Envision Pharma Group and Vitaccess create a global partnership to power evidence generation for the biopharmaceutical industry

Technology-enabled scientific communications company Envision Pharma Group (“Envision” or the “Company”) has announced a partnership with Vitaccess, an innovative research organization.


The Envision and Vitaccess partnership will bring a full-service, customizable approach to data gathering, insight generation, and scientific communications that will stand up to the nuances, scale, and challenges of any client setting.

Acknowledging that every client need is unique, this collaboration will help leverage patient-centric digital solutions to gather data quickly, flexibly, and at scale, and incorporate patients’ “lived experience” – insights which are often insufficiently integrated into the design and implementation of many RWE studies published globally.

The complexities in bringing a product to market cannot be underestimated. An increasing requirement for data leads to a growing need for more adaptive RWE research to be generated and communicated to regulators, pre and post approval. Envision and Vitaccess understand these additional demands placed on their biopharma clients, and the need to maximize value and access to their products through timely, insightful evidence generation which communicates the real-world impact of diseases and their treatments on patients.

Paul Archer, Envision Chief Commercial Strategy Officer, said, “This collaboration offers clients a really powerful toolbox to accelerate, scale, and publish their evidence-generation activities. We admire Vitaccess’ innovative, inclusive digital approach to designing patient-centric RWE studies, and whose flexible solutions provide access to outcomes measures that serve regulators, payers, and health systems all over the world.”

Dr. Mark Larkin, CEO and Founder of Vitaccess, commented, “Combining our Vitaccess Real™ real-time RWE platform and expertise in patient-centric research with Envision’s established leadership in medical affairs and communications brings clients a unique, full-service offering for engaging with patients and caregivers globally.”

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