Evidence-generation program support

The identification and generation of evidence beyond clinical trial data is an important and significant component of pharmaceutical companies’ research activity

iEnvision is purpose-built to support evidence-generation programs, including:

Investigator-led trials


  • Easy-to-use investigator application improves interaction
  • Compliant reviews and communications
  • Promote effective external collaborations
  • Track active studies through to publication
    and completion



Internally-sponsored projects

(HEOR/RWE, Phase IV, and local studies)

  • Enhance interactions with a user-friendly affiliate and service provider web application
  • Internally manage communications and project progress with service providers from RFP through to project closure
  • Capture and track site-level details
  • Support transparency of plans, and eliminate redundancy across geographies


Expanded and managed access programs

Preclinical/academic collaborations

  • Document requests for support from and collaboration with your academic partners
  • Track active collaborations through to completion

Envision has provided Solutions to support evidence-generation program management since 2006, and currently supports 35 partners on more than 110 programs

iEnvision supports request, evaluation, contracting, and project management steps to:

  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency through consistent workflows
  • Provide consistent and complete submission templates
  • Support evaluation and inform decision-making
  • Provide transparency across the organization and between global and local affiliates
  • Reduce redundancy
  • Establish and communicate expectations effectively
  • Document selection decisions, contracting, and project status compliantly
  • Create timely internal and external communications and awareness of project status
  • Ensure patients are tracked through completion