Communication program support

The compliant, timely, and appropriate communication of evidence – through peer-reviewed publications, medical communications materials or activities, or in response to medical information enquiries is a key responsibility of medical affairs and allied functions within pharmaceutical companies

iEnvision is purpose-built to support communication programs

Datavision for publication planning and implementation

Medical information - Enquiry/case processing, content development, and response management

Clearance and disclosure approvals


The industry-standard for global publication planning and management – compliant, transparent, enterprise-wide

Datavision helps you manage scientific publication programs strategically and with improved tactical efficiency

Datavision’s three core workflows

Will help you improve efficiency in publication planning, management, and delivery


Data dissemination, gap analysis, and objective setting


Efficient document lifecycle management, compliance, and budgeting

Monitoring and reporting

Enabling continuous improvement, audit trails, compliance checking, and process refinement


  • Alignment with publication and medical objectives
  • Available globally across all products, portfolios, therapy areas, and regions
  • Connectivity and integration with other iEnvision modules and platform features


  • Easy-to-use and intuitive
  • Industry-standard workflows, adjustable to align with your SOP
  • Clear and flexible chart view
  • Ad-hoc reporting options

Envision has provided Solutions to support communication management since 2002

Our industry-standard publications software, Datavision, is used by 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. We currently support 67 Datavision partners on more than 1170 publication programs

Medical information

The iEnvision Communication module transparently and compliantly helps manage the development and sharing of medical information

  • Multichannel request intake, including an integrated web portal
  • Faster responses through streamlined creation, management, and review of content, using a rules-based workflow
  • Answer questions quickly and efficiently with response-generation support
  • Access current case information with up-to-date metrics reporting
  • Improve future responses through insight identification
  • Identify product quality and adverse event reporting requirements
  • Integrate with Datavision and the iEnvision Library for publication and scientific content support
  • Integrate with third-party CRM, CMS, and product quality systems
  • Access Envision support for medical writing of standard response documents
  • Report on validation, audit, and transparency
  • Validated to Software Validation Process 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant GxP Standards, with additional validation support for custom configurations available

Clearance and approvals

iEnvision provides efficient system-managed clearance and approvals

iEnvision can help maintain consistency in approach across multiple business areas including publications, scientific materials, promotional materials, corporate communications, media releases, SOP exceptions, and other operational approvals

iEnvision manages every stage of the process. Rules-based workflows ensure the appropriate people are involved and informed at the right times

The automatic processing of clearance and disclosure requests through iEnvision can significantly reduce administrative burden, and ensures compliance

  • Submission and routing of requests for permission and clearance processing
  • Internal review and/or decision processes
  • Reconciliation and remediation processing
  • Documenting the outcomes of decisions
  • Ensure intellectual property and external-release checks
  • Consistent approach to approvals across document types
  • Capture needs assessments for publications, materials, or activities
  • Quantify the volume and nature of affiliate-led disclosures
  • Minimize administrative time spent by submitters, reviewers, and approvers
  • Auditable transparency on the approval of externally disseminated material
  • Zero training requirements – intuitive process and interface improves efficiency and turnaround times


Purpose-built to support communication programs

Datavision for publication planning and implementation

Medical information - Enquiry/case processing, content development, and response management

Clearance and disclosure approvals