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Kick-start your career


"Joining Envision as an Associate Editor provided me with a unique and invaluable training opportunity. I gained significant hands-on experience right from the start, whilst at the same time reaping the benefit of having an experienced mentor to learn from along the way. I am delighted to have progressed to Editor level now, and can really see how much I’ve developed in my role."

Make a change


“I came to Envision with a background in textbook publishing, and my knowledge of the medical communications agency environment was limited. I have had support, training, and guidance from colleagues who made my transition as smooth as possible. I love the fast-paced, satisfying work and am so happy I made the change.”

Take the lead

Senior Editor

“Envision editors work as an integral part of their account teams. This means that I take ownership of all editorial functions related to my assigned client accounts, and have developed close working relationships with my medical writer colleagues. I am always aware, though, that I am also part of a wider editorial team across our business, so I know I can call on support when I need it.”

Share your experience

Principal Editor

“Experience can’t be taught but it can be shared. I have been delighted to be able to share my professional expertise through an ongoing mentorship program. With more than 20 years of editorial experience I have had my share of highs and lows! It has been tremendously rewarding to have the value of this experience recognized and to share it with colleagues, especially those just beginning their editorial career."

Be valued

Senior Editor

"Working at Envision I no longer dread Mondays! The company holds and promotes core values that engender mutual respect and openness, which makes for a unique and friendly working environment. As an editor I am encouraged and supported by my colleagues, and feel appreciated and respected by the teams I work with."

Continue your professional journey

Editorial Division Lead

"Envision has given me the tools and support to grow in my role here. I have felt supported by my managers and have had the opportunity to move from a junior role to manager of an editorial team. I’ve been able to build my experience over the past 8 years here, applying and expanding my skills in new, challenging ways."

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