It's time your processes weren't holding you back

As your investigator sponsored research program continues to grow, you need a system that can grow with you

iEnvision ISR − adding value to your organization

Drive efficiencies

Save time with the easy-to-use web portal that collects all required data

Progress projects efficiently with auto-notifications triggered by status or date

Standardized workflow ensures all relevant steps in your project are covered from day one

Work compliantly

Data can be automatically pushed into Datavision for efficient and compliant progression to publication/data disclosure

Documentation of all reviews with a full audit trail provides confidence in compliance with the ability to investigate queries

Local and global visibility into all studies provides strategic alignment and elimination of redundancies

Demonstrate impact

Align projects to medical objectives/strategies for effective, high-level study program management

Key performance indicators are visible in real time for effective study portfolio performance

Filter and develop real-time ad hoc reports to ensure the currency and accuracy of your reported information

Does this sound familiar...

You are spending an increasing amount of time gathering the information you need to be able to report on your investigator sponsored research (ISR) program, all because your system does not have what you need?

You would love a holistic view of your ISR program, but global and local markets as well as business units are using different systems, or no system at all, so you’re unable to truly reflect on what’s going on?

Your medical affairs colleagues are increasingly asking for visibility of your ISR program, but providing them with the information they need isn’t easy?

The solution for the management of research request or evidence generation programs

As your ISR program continues to grow, you need a system that can grow with you. If you’ve reached a point where you need to streamline your processes so they’re not holding you back – you’re not alone!

We understand that the identification and generation of evidence beyond clinical trial data is a significant component of any pharmaceutical company’s medical affairs activity.

Envision Pharma Group has provided purpose-built solutions to support research requests and the management of evidence generation since 2006. Our technology solutions are used by 19 out of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies every day.


iEnvision − the global medical affairs platform

The rapidly evolving medical affairs functional landscape and its growing importance within pharmaceutical companies is accompanied by an increasingly complex world of stakeholder and partner interactions, connections, and compliance requirements.

iEnvision is an advanced software platform supporting medical affairs-led business transformation, operational excellence, and connectivity – purpose-built to help strategically plan and manage medical evidence-generation, grant programs, and communication activities.

Drive efficiencies

Reduce internal support and training needs

Complete processes in a timely manner

Achieve seamless collaboration

Work compliantly

Align processes with industry standards

Create auditable project records

Maintain visibility and governance of both global and local activities

Demonstrate impact

Identify gaps in evidence

Achieve organizational goals

Align medical and communication plans with strategy

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