Envision Pharma Group: Leading the (regulatory) way in Japan

Hiroko Ebina, Principal Medical Writer at ProScribe KK – part of the Envision Pharma Group – was honoured to present at the leading annual regulatory conference in Japan, the Regulatory Science Gakkai (9-10 September, 2016 in Tokyo)

Ebina-san and her Proscribe-based research team (Yukiko Homma, Brett Wells, Evelyn Lee, Brian Grice and Karen Woolley) conducted the first study in Japan to assess the awareness and use of the recently released Clarity and Openness in Reporting: E3-based (CORE) guidelines for preparing disclosure-ready study reports.

The results demonstrated that there is a strong need to drive increased awareness of these guidelines, particularly for Japanese biopharmaceutical companies seeking international regulatory approvals. Consistent with Envision’s innovative spirit and in-house creative/digital capabilities, this research poster was the first and only poster at the Gakkai to include augmented reality features (eg, video content, translated abstract, animations). In addition to great content, a digitally enhanced poster format certainly attracted the attention of Gakkai delegates!

Envision Pharma Group is a highly successful Medical Affairs-focused, technology-enabled scientific communications company operating across ten global offices in the USA, UK and Asia Pacific (Tokyo and Sydney).