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iEnvision – the global medical affairs platform for efficiency, compliance, and impact across the pharmaceutical product lifecycle

iEnvision improves adoption of best practices, and compliance, with out-of-the-box configurations based on established industry standards

iEnvision brings your activities, teams, and partners together. Greater global efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment is achieved by connecting across departments, functions, offices, and countries

iEnvision facilitates planning, decision-making, project management, and continual improvement across evidence generation, communication and grants programs through built-in core functionality and program-specific features

iEnvision enables rapid implementation, expansion, and business-wide scalability

iEnvision helps you manage the increasingly complex matrix of stakeholders and processes


Built-in iEnvision functionality

The iEnvision Library provides an enterprise-wide repository for the appropriate, timely, effective, and efficient sharing of published and other approved scientific materials

It connects seamlessly with iEnvision program management features, so you can quickly access and view publications, slide decks, standard response letters, research reports, and other content. It’s easy to add content manually or via automated feeds from within iEnvision and third-party tools

The iEnvision Library can help you:

  • Distribute content with the right access controls
  • Locate materials quickly through an intuitive and efficient search engine
  • Reduce duplication
  • Share and download content using the Bookshelves feature
  • Stay current by subscribing to notifications for your areas of interest
  • Track how often a piece of material is downloaded and by whom
  • Access post-publication metrics from Altmetric and citation counts provided by Scopus
  • Journal Impact Factors provided by Clarivate Analytics, a global leader in providing insights and analytics

iEnvision includes a built-in Journal and Congress database of more than 3000 current and future congresses and over 7000 journals, representing over 170 medical research specialties, all actively and regularly updated by a dedicated Envision team

iEnvision provides a built-in Debarment Check feature that allows internal users to screen individual and organizational applicants against databases maintained by various bodies such as the OIG and FDA. Debarment Checks can be run as part of the workflow or manually at any time during the lifecycle of a project

The iEnvision Finance Tool enables the management and monitoring of budgets and committed funds


Workflows are organized around your and your team members’ individual responsibilities, programs of activities, tasks, and connections. Your iEnvision Workbench provides access to current and upcoming tasks


Relevant information and notifications help you and your team assess projects, make informed decisions, and develop timely and strategically aligned evidence and communications. Your iEnvision Dashboard provides rapid insight to your information